26 August 2010

A title would make no sense on a post this incohesive

no idea.... sorry

Some things that inspire me.
1. I love the uneven hem of the top, and the print and fabric. Would love a shirt that looked like that.
2. Pwetty photos
3. Getting into fall colors. I love me some burnt sienna pants.
4. I want to ride my bike around and frolic in the sun. Will need to move away from the 'burbs.

also, very exciting: you may have noticed that I FINALLY figured out a good way to make all my photos the same width.
not so exciting: the camera that I bought a month and a half ago got stolen three or so weeks ago. So for a short glimmer of time, I thought I may be able to become a good blogger, but that dream fizzled out pretty fast. Time to save more money!

Stuck in my head:

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