27 June 2010

A love affair

The huge S-A-L-E letters on the windows of jcrew lured me through their class doors today. The additional 20% off helped me swallow the prices that I would normally NEVER spend, unless my mother was with me. So, for the first time ever, i bought something from jcrew. I have a strong feeling they will definitely not be the last. While items from forever 21 can be fun, and impulse buys, I found some beautiful pieces this afternoon at jcrew. Their clothes bring an interesting delicacy to staple pieces, or just a contrast.

example a) seersucker shorts with zippered pockets

example b) peachy-rosy-burnt orange colored skirt

example c) perfectly creamy, seafoam cardigan with silk edging

Each piece has an interesting quality, (the zippers, the color, the edging) which separate them from similar items, but are simple enough so I can wear them with anything. I have already developed a major crush on jcrew, and can foresee many hours in the future devoted to finding steals on their online store.

Also, you know the aritzia lookbook on studded hearts a while ago that I think we all fell in love with? (THIS ONE) well when I walked through a local mall today I don't usually frequent, and they have a store there! Considering I would fall in love with half their inventory, and my piggy bank would begin to cry, I decided to not torture myself and kept walking. It took a lot of self control.

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