20 January 2010


The red carpet photos reminded me of the trend you will NEVER EVER see me try, and very rarely do I applaud attempts.
maxi dresses. I'm not talking about full length beautiful formal dresses, but full length flimsy summery dresses.
Unless you have a model's physique, I don't think they are very flattering. They make many women loose their waist which ends up making them look bigger then they are. Also in general people who are short or even average height, I feel like maxi dresses just add point out that you are not 5'10".

But also unless you are on the red carpet or have loads of money to spend on gorgeous, well made dresses that fit properly, I don't usually like full length that much in general.

[boring post] but my math final is taunting me.


  1. I love maxi dresses but indeed not on everyone and I sometimes really really hate how people style those summery flower dresses!! :)

  2. Maxi dresses can be so beautiful. I do agree that they are not entirely flattering on everyone, but Nicole Richie does rock a good one and she's teeny tiny.