18 August 2009

possible? SHOE LUST.

Ever since I saw Jane Aldridge on her blog the Sea of Shoes wear these Balenciaga boots from their Fall 06 collection, I became infatuated with them.

I love the nearly-there pump although it's definitely not a wedge. The suede and matte leather is genius, and the harness turns them into an updated riding boot.
Jane styled them a few ways that I've seen:

And I've also seen Mary-Kate Olsen has also been seen sporting these lovely boots:

How is this major shoe lust turning possible? Sam Edelman is making their "Zoe" boot which looks curiously similar to the Balenciaga boots I would love to own.

Probably the largest difference between the Balenciaga boots and the Sam Edelman ones, is the price. [of course]. A pair of these Balenciagas is a very lucky find and retail for well over $1,000. In a budget friendly contrast the Sam Edelman boots are available for a mere $345. While I do find myself missing many elements of the Balenciaga originals such as the harsh square platform and the more separated heel. I am also not crazy of the quilted harness or the double strap the Sam Edelman boots showcase, these boots are probably the closest I will ever be able to get. Now all that is left to do is convincing my mother that they are absolutely essential to my fall wardrobe.

Oh and more news! This thursday I will be jetting away to the Big Apple [NYC!] and driving to a lake in upstate New York with family. I may get to spend a few days in the city at the end of my trip, although the Hamptons is another possibility. Anyway you won't here from me until the beginning of September when piles of homework and a rigorous ballet schedule may prevent me from posting but I'll try my best to not let that happen. :)



  1. blog image looks like it was shot by arthur elgort , maybe maisel but probably not

  2. I'm not sure who the photographer is, but it's from a photoshoot Emma Watson did for the August 2009 issue of Teen Vogue.

  3. wow teen vogue is getting better. thanks for the info