15 July 2009

A public affair

Going to a cafe, dressing up my new t shirt with lots of jewelry and a pair of illegal [?] shoes.

Hanes vneck, gap jeans, target belt, a relaxed outfit.

Probably my favorite shoes I own. They are nine west, modeled after the Prada fall 2007 line. Loved that line... unfortunately my budget doesn't allow me to buy Prada shoes, so I'm stuck with the department store version. A girl can dream.

Gemstone bracelet, a gift from my sister from Forever 21, along with a homemade friendship bracelet.

Family heirloom, it was my great grandmothers, but now its mine. Love it :)

Hand-me-downs from mommy are my favorite. Vintage coach anyone? I like their old purses so much better the the monogrammed newer ones.

Can't wait to pick up more necklaces to adorn myself with.
See you!

1 comment:

  1. you lucky duck you.
    my mother only buys cole haan.
    vintage? forget about it.